Rainbow Special

3 simple things that will ”sparkle” your aura!

  • By Andrea Niles

3 simple things that will ”sparkle” your aura!

Hi, my name is Zig. I know you’re very busy clicking away so I won’t take up a lot of your precious time.
Every week, I do one simple task. I list 3 things from the previous week, that somehow made my day special or inspired my work.

So this week's top 3 rainbows are:

1.) Do naked yoga (but be careful where and when you’re doing it)

2.) Pretend you are the greatest guru on Planet Earth (believe with all your heart and you’ll see the results)

3.) Eat healthy, as raw as your budget allows you too and don't listen to anybody else, other then Oprah (she knows da shit) PS: not our t-shirt!

Short and sweet. Stay tuned. Shop around and help me save our forest!

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