5am CLUB (30-day CHALLENGE)

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5am CLUB


This challenge will help you to start the day early and do more than most of the people before noon.


Waking up early has numerous benefits on you life. If you goggle around you'll find more  than 15 reasons why. For me most important is reduced stress level, more time for myself (morning workout, meditation, daily goal sets) and better productivity in all areas of my life. 
But because it's really hard to just start jumping out of your bed at 5am and keep doing it till the rest of your life, we suggest very small steps. 
If you wake up now at 7am, start at 6am for the 30 days. When you body and mind get used to it, go to 5:45 for second month, and then 5:30 for third month. Reduce your waking up for 15 minutes (or 30 minutes) every month till you hi-five 5am.
That's how you'll achieve your transformation more easily and it will stay with you till the rest of your life! Report to us what you experience everyday as this challenge will be one of your biggest ones. Go for it!


PRICE: $1/day



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