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This challenge will help you organize your things and bring fresh energy and peace into your home.

Personal growth

”I was messy. I liked mess. I was an artist. And artists need mess to be creative.”
That was my believe when I was 20-30 years old. When I got older, the mess started to affect my peace more and more. But I didn't know that. Neither did my wife. And neither did my or her father, mother, brother, sister. Everybody was a little 'messy' and it didn't bother them. When I got a job where every day I had to be focused on hundreds of small to-dos, the mess started to really bother me. My office desk was full of papers, drawings, equipment, in my drawers were books, more papers, more drawings, old phones, broken equipment, notes for my kids, snacks, toys and several other things.

When we had kids all kinds of 'little' messes made their way into our home and our closets were full of baby clothes, toys, books, equipment and things to make our home 'cute'. When you grow in life, the stuff you 'need' to be 'happy' grows with you. You fill your place from the bottom to the top and from the left to the right. In between, you leave space for you and when there's nothing else to fill, you fill your garage, basement, your mom's place, beach house, upper floor and lots more. If you could dig holes everywhere, I'm sure you could easily fill those too.

So when you become more and more stressed about where you're gonna put all your things, this can be an eye opener that something is wrong. And I had several eye openers before, but I never listened to them. Until one day. When somebody entered my life and showed me a zen approach to cleaning my house.

Then I started to look around and saw that I wasn't alone. There was a new cult going on and they all wanted to throw away things they didn't need and live happier. What a revelation! I felt like something inside me changed and then I become obsessed with cleaning. Not too much but enough to experience the freedom of not having so much stuff. This freedom brought me tons of inner peace because everything was sorted into boxes, places, drawers. I had less worries about where things were or where they should go and I experienced the 'zen' I always wanted. And this 'new' zen brought several new 'zen' things into my life that changed me 100%. Thanks to my master, online de-clutter tribes and all you, who were here to inspire me with pics of your de-clutter ideas. 

This challenge is here for everybody who want to fix their homes, and their heads, at the same time. It is also here so we can exchange ideas, tips, and experiences. What we all want here is to make our life simpler, not more complex.

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