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This challenge will help you to connect with your loved ones and bring sparks back into your relationship.

Personal growth

Today, there are a lot of families splitting apart, maybe even one every minute. More and more couples can’t survive life together after just few years of marriage and saying their vows. Two thirds of families are being separated. It’s becoming common for a lot of couples to not want to get married because they’re afraid of commitment. More and more people are unhappy, because they end up divorced, or separated, and now they’re single once again.

This is a serious problem in our society and I think it’s all connected to our media which is producing way too much information. And because of this vast array of information, goals, activities, and hobbies (of course we need do need to have outlets in our life), we don’t set apart enough time to spend with our loved ones and to really get to know them on a deeper level.

There is a whole new generation that doesn’t have time to think any more about all the little things that are important, and can help make their relationships better. Such as being present with your loved ones, respecting them, helping them, forgiving them, etc. They don’t know how important it can be to just calm down in the evening, grab their hands and look through the window with them. Maybe to see the moon, the trees, or just to listen to the sound of the water. Or how important it is to touch them, kiss them and give them a genuine smile every day.

We live in a world that’s becoming overcome with news and technology. Everything the media spits out we feel the need to grab, and read. Sometimes other people are telling us what to eat, how to sleep, how to make love, and how to be happy. But they’re not doing that because they really want too. They’re doing it because they’re trained to manipulate us. That way you’ll be more willing to buy this, read that, and do this, and that and... Because of this, you don’t have time for anything else – meaning your PARTNER. So I have a cure for your relationship. You don’t have to spend any money, I’m gonna give it to you for free.

Here is your blueprint: Be fully present with your loved ones, and show them as much love and respect as you can. Learn how to show them love and respect in your own way, and don’t go to Google immediately. You have enough wisdom inside you to figure it out. Just close your eyes for a few minutes every day and think about how you can be more connected to this person. 

Same with your kids. You probably aren’t making time for them anymore either. Can’t you at least dedicate a few minutes to them every day?

DO IT! And your life will change. Forever!

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