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This challenge will help you to dedicate to your craft everyday, so you can take it to a higher level.

Creativity, Personal growth

Your hobbies, and part-time enjoyment, usually end at some point. A lot of people say it's ok how I do gardening or knitting, some just don't have time to think about it, and some would like to perfect it to a degree where they feel good about it.

But the issue with these (and also many other things) is time. We don't have time because we need to watch the kids, cook dinners, wash our car, play with our dog, do laundry, fix the toilet and several other things we consider 'everyday' things.

And of course, there's the internet and Facebook, and Instagram and YouTube and books, and TV, and concerts, and friends and relatives.

Did I mention Pinterest? There are so many craft ideas that people do... How, when, why?

So to go back you first need to know why you started your hobby. Probably because your heart sings when you're doing it.

So my next question is: Why you don't do it for at least a few minutes everyday if your heart is happy when you're doing it??

And then silence. And all these same stupid excuses. Time, family, money, business, others.

But where are you??

Why don't you make yourself happy??

These little things that we do here are making us happy! You know that right??

That's why you entered this amazing community!

So commit for 30 days to doing something that makes you happy every day and that you love.

5 or 10 minutes for busy people and 30-60 minutes for not so busy people.

Start changing your life and start doing the things you love!

If you want to be happy you need to listen to your heart. All other things can wait or be manageable.

A happy heart leads to a happy mind, a happy mind leads to a happy body, and a happy body leads to a happy human being.

Be happy and take your craft to another level. The level where masters operate.

The 'heart' level.

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