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This challenge will help you to become a 100% cool and authentic micro-influencer. You will learn how to post unique content and get your followers to engage with you from the heart.

Personal and business growth

Lots of people today wants to become influencers. They want to live a luxurious life, travel to amazing places, and make lots of money. That's the perfect life in my opinion, except that the influencer's competition is scary and most of them don't make enough money to survive.

So they keep dreaming and working their butts off until one day they decide to quit because this life is too time-consuming, hard, and not reachable for most humans. 

But, it's all about how to organize everything and how experienced you are in social-media. It's also about strategy and niche. And about authenticity and energy. 

If we have all of that, and a few extra things that we'll just call our 'secret', we can make it work. 

No matter how old you are, where you live, or what you do.

We can make some money out of it and have a good time while doing it too.

Isn't that the description of a pretty good life?

The UYT challenge will teach you how to look different, and how to be authentic, first in your local market and then on a global scale. Most of us will finish at step 1 but some of us will go onto step 2.

And MPU will teach you more than just those 2 steps.

Commit to the UYT challenge and break your pattern of being a 'non-influencing person'. You were born to influence and inspire people, by the inner wisdom that everyone has secretly hidden inside them. You just need to pull it out! 

The UYT training is a very unique training that will bring you lots of fun, it will connect you with the right people and bring you a little, or a lot of money, if you follow it correctly. 

Commit to starting this challenge and become a certified UYT micro-influencer!

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