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6pm - 12am NO FOOD CLUB


This challenge will help you lose weight without being really hungry so you can feel better.


I tried to lose weight several times, but this challenge helped me to do it without being hungry all the time. The problem with a lot of diets is that they focus on extreme shifts in eating and body exercises. This can work for a little bit of time, but sooner or later you'll be back where you started. And you'll be unhappy again so you'll eat even more because of that. I'm not saying this directly to you (maybe you're different), but most of us will. 
So this 30 day challenge reduces your eating time and puts you into a 'small' starving mode. Which is good for your body and health in general. 
Maybe now you like eating a lot in the morning, or the evening. For me, it was in the evening, so when I took away evening dinner, I slept better and I woke up with more energy. My body didn't have to digest food all night so all my energy was saved up for the relaxation process and a great nights sleep.
That's why I felt much better in the morning and when 12am came, I wasn't so hungry, only a little bit.
When I was hungry, I just drank a lot of water or tea. That's how this challenge brought me amazing results. I lost 8 kg in just 30 days. My plan was to loose 10 but I was happy anyway because I lost 4 more the next month and 2 more the next month. Now I still do it every few days because I really like the way it feels. The only time I don't do it is when I'm traveling or I'm very hungry for reasons I don't know. :)
I must also say that with this challenge if you really want to lose weight and not just feel better, you need to do some daily exercise. Mine was walking 6000 steps everyday, but you can do whatever you want. The more you move, the quicker you'll lose weight.


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