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This challenge will help you stop, or reduce, several unhealthy habits and addictions.
From drugs to eating junk, from alcohol to porn, and from online to classic media addictions. 

Personal growth

We're all addicted to something. I was addicted to drinking beer, coffee, music making and to technology. When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was check my email and Facebook. Then I desperately needed coffee. 2 cups. When lunch came, I sipped on a glass of red wine. And after I finished my work a beer or two. Then after dinner I had to play my guitar. And to make it sound better I needed a beer or two. If it was the weekend, I could add one or two beers more. If I went out, I stopped when I felt down. Completely drunk. Or stoned. Or a combination.

But then I decided to stop. I guess my age, and the mindset I wanted to put myself in, forced me to quit these 'habits'. But it was so hard. I failed multiple times and I still fail sometimes. But I don't take it as a failure anymore, but as a lesson to grow from. The more I fail, the more I grow.

And these addictions slowly went away. When I started to write about them, I saw why they happened. And when you know that, you know that you've taken back control.

And your life is now back in your hands.

You're the creator of all your bad and good habits.

The question is: Which one will you keep and which one will you get rid of?

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